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To Our Neighbors at Possum Kingdom

This is a special message for our neighbors effected by the tragic fires that recently devastated the Possum Kingdom area.

For eight years, I lived on Colonial Row at the Lake. So I know, first hand, the beauty the area once had, and will have again. There’s nothing quite like living your dream in your dream home. And little worse than to have it damaged or destroyed by something as indescribable as fire.

Our prayers go out to everyone effected by these events and we want to help you regain that once comfortable environment. We truly care about your wellbeing and the future of the area. In whatever way we can help, we want to do that.

To lend a helping hand, MER Construction and Lighthouse Furniture & Design Center are teaming up to offering our design & construction services, as well as furniture and accessories at the largest discounts we have ever offered.

Feel free to contact me, and we can work together to repair, remodel or completely rebuild your loss. If we can be of service, no job is too big or too small.



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